Prepare for your Procedure

One of the most important factors for a successful procedure is your understanding of the process. You are encouraged to ask your healthcare team questions.

Some important tips:

  • Contact your insurance carrier to check on coverage to verify if preauthorization is required.
  • Should it be necessary, many employers have specific disability paperwork that is required.  Please be sure to check with your employer and allow our office at least one week to complete these forms.
  • Be sure your healthcare team is aware of any pre-existing medical conditions as well as any medications and supplements you take.  Some medications and supplements may need to be temporarily stopped in advance of your procedure.
  • If necessary, your surgeon will require that you are medically assessed before your procedure by your primary care physician.  This is commonly called medical clearance.  This may include additional testing.  Please ask your healthcare team if you have questions about this step.

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